Growth for Tomorrow is a Charitable Organisation setup for the primary purpose of providing practical support to orphans, abandoned and disadvantaged children and youth in Romania.  Many of these young people have spent the majority of their lives in an orphanage and have very little hope of having a normal or stable future.

The need is great amongst this group of young people and we help them get a higher education and vocational skill, to gain employment, and to develop life skills that will help them to establish a successful future. 

The name “Growth for Tomorrow (Creating opportunities for future generations)” came out of our core purpose and vision … to provide the means to grow and develop the disadvantaged youth of Romania today so that they may have greater hope for tomorrow. 

Growth for Tomorrow also works to assist and improve the lives of families affected by poverty, illness, and economic hardship … because when families are impacted by these issues then there is a greater chance of the children and youth becoming abandoned or disadvantaged. 

100% of all funds raised in New Zealand and Australia are sent to Romania to help these people that are most in need.